vedder lighttuck holsters review

Today, we have selected for review, the Vedder LightTuck™ holster – one that enjoys a well-deserved popularity within a vast universe of holsters. 

Needless to say, nowadays, the options available to buyers of tactical gear are limitless, more so when you are dealing with holsters, which are as varied as are the handguns they accommodate.  

Talk about variety and that is what you have in this holster universe. 

Given the complexities of choices of holsters that are available today, our mission, that of helping you narrow-down the options so as to make your purchasing journey more effective – a responsibility which we take very seriously. 

That said, and without further ado, let us begin today’s review with the anticipated expectation that, in the end, we will help you to smoothly navigate through that maze of options available to you in today’s convoluted marketplace.   

Vedder History and Background

So, first things first, Vedder is a family-owned company located in Mount Dora, in my own state of Florida.  

Vedder holsters individually handcraft all their products and do so with immense pride in the fact that they are made in the U.S.A.  

Mike and Brooke Vedder

Mike and Brooke Vedder

Founded in 2012 by husband-and-wife team Mike and Brooke Vedder, the couple, who had decided to get their concealed carry license, were surprised to find that quality concealed carry holsters were hard to find. 

As the Vedder’s search turned up empty-handed, they decided the concealed carry was, as such, an untapped market, thus began creating holsters out of their garage, focused on making the best quality holsters possible, at affordable prices, with reasonable lead times and first-class customer service.

And, as they say, the rest is history. In the short ten years since they started the business, the Vedders now have built a reputation for quality, functionality and a design which has earned them nothing but successes along the way.  

Our choice in picking the Vedder LightTuck™ Holster for review today, is no strange coincidence but rather a very conscious choice, given the fact that we only try to pick and review top-notch tactical gear items, regardless.

Vedder LightTuck Overview

Vedder LightTuck Holster

Vedder LightTuck Holster

Well, if you are looking for the best IWB concealed carry on the market, look no longer. 

The Vedder LightTuck is probably your answer and your best bet.  

Following is a list of all the key features that you can expect to find in this system, albeit features which have made this holster one of the most popular in their class – bar none. 

Gun Retention

To put it simply, the retention on the LightTuck is simply outstanding.

The Vedder folks claim that their fit is so precise, you will hear an audible sound every time you holster your firearm, reassuring you that your gun is securely in place. 

Belt Attachment

The Vedder Holsters LightTuck uses a large metal clip that snaps around your belt.

The factory default is 1.5″, but you can also buy a 1.75″ clip and interchange them as needed.

The steel clip on the Light Tuck is adjustable for ride depth and cant, rotating up to 30 degrees in either direction.

It is also tuckable, meaning you can bend it slightly away from the Kydex material and tuck a shirt between the clip and the pistol. 

Design and Construction

As mentioned before, the Vedder LightTuck is an American made, inside-the-waistband [IWB] holster made of .080” Kydex.

Each system is custom molded for your specific gun make and model.

You have the option to select the right or left-handed system and also have a variety of colors from which to choose what is most appealing to you.  

The LightTuck has screws for adjustable ride height and adjustable tension as well. 

In addition, it offers 30° degrees of adjustable forward and reverse cant. 

vedder construction

The end is mostly open to accommodate most threaded barrels out there. The sight channel is deep enough for most standard and suppressor sights up to 10” inches in height.

I say, the LightTuck is easily customizable to your specific needs.

Overall, I think this is quite a comfortable holster as well. 

Carry Notes

So, the metal clip configuration in the LightTuck makes it so much easier to get on and off the belt faster than holsters that thread the belt through loops.

I used the Vedder LightTuck as my go-to holster for some time.

During that time, I must say, I was pretty satisfied with it in every respect, especially with concealment.  

In this subject matter, you can choose an optional claw attachment which sells for approximately $8.99, which, to me, was well worth it.

Overall, again, I found the LightTuck to be quite comfortable despite my prolonged periods of use. 

Vedder LightTuck Review - Key Features

Vedder LightTuck

Vedder LightTuck

Well, I guess it will serve you well to have a detailed list of the key features that we can all expect to find in the Vedder LightTuck systems.

To that end, I have compiled such a list which I hope will help you make your purchasing decision somewhat simpler and more efficient as well.

You may very well think of me as being biased on the Vedder LightTuck™ holsters, and while you may be right about that, truth is, I could not really find any negatives to say about this line.

Other than maybe, for some, not being quite as comfortable as a leather-backed holster, but, honestly, that is about it as far as I am concerned. 

Maybe others can find more drawbacks than I can.

But, for me, again, I like most everything this holster has to offer. 

  • Great adjustable ride height
  • Adjustable retention
  • Adjustable forward and reverse cant of 30° degrees
  • Secured holstering and re-holstering
  • Unbelievably thin, custom-formed to exact gun model with .080” Kydex
  • Reinforced shell for one-handed re-holstering
  • Solid spring steel clip for ultimate discreet carry
  • Full sight channels to accommodate standard sights, most suppressor sights and loaded chamber indicators
  • Standard accommodation for threaded barrels
  • Full sweat shield keeps the slide clean and sweat free
  • Optional claw attachment for ultimate concealment
  • Available for both right and left-handed draw
  • Made with genuine Black Kydex® - over 75 colors and patterns to choose from
  • Affordable price point

LightTuck Price Point

At a price point of approximately $80 ±, at the time of this review, I think this is a very affordable price that seems to be right in-line with other similar holsters in the marketplace, maybe even somewhat less expensive than most comparable systems.  

Question is, is it worth the price?

My answer, an equivocal yes, it most definitely is. 

Summary and Conclusion

Based on the aforementioned review, I guess you can anticipate what my final verdict is on the Vedder LightTuck™ holsters line. 

If, like I said at the beginning of this review, what you are looking for is a great IWB concealed carry, my friends, this is it – look no further. 

As far as I am concerned the Vedder family is a testament to American ingenuity, dedication, and mindfulness. 

The Vedder LightTuck holsters embody the best that we have to offer as far as made in the U.S.A. products are concerned.

No wonder, the success attained by this company and their holsters in the ten years since they first started the business. 

As noted, the positives in the Vedder LightTuck line of holsters, far outweigh the negatives, the latter, which I personally, could barely find any.

The Vedder’s 30-day risk free trial, together with their Lifetime Warranty serve just to reassure us of the quality and craftsmanship that go into these holsters and serve as great motivational incentives to purchase these holsters with utmost confidence. 

While some may genuinely disagree with me in my prejudiced preference for the Vedder LightTuck, still, I stand firm on my conviction that this is one of [the] best IWB concealed carry holsters out there today.

So, bottom line, yes, I do not have any hesitations whatsoever recommending you to purchase a Vedder LightTuck, as well I hope that my review today will have served its purpose, namely, providing you with insightful information regarding this product. 

In the end, I will go as far as saying the same thing I always say in most of my reviews, that is, the ultimate decision on which system to buy should always be yours and yours alone.

Notwithstanding such assertion, if you do decide to purchase a Vedder LightTuck holster based on this review, myself, and all of us here at Tactical Dept, do wish you lots of success with your purchase and the best of luck with your new Vedder LightTuck holster.  

Frequently Asked Questions

For whatever it is worth, if you have read some of my previous reviews, you know that I am a strong proponent of learning about products by way of frequently asked questions about these products.

As such, below I have prepared a list of some of the most frequently asked questions I get on the Vedder LightTuck holsters.  

Thought it would be practical to share some of these questions with you today.

Which Vedder LightTuck holster is best for me?

Well, the Vedder LightTuck IWB is available for a large number of gun models.

They are great for those who want a custom fit for their gun yet want minimum bulk as, really, they add truly little mass to the actual size of your firearm.

As to which holster is best suited for you, all depends on your firearm.

The latter will really dictate the holster you should buy. 

What is the usual lead time to get a LightTuck holster?

Each holster is custom made to order in approximately 10 – 14 business days.

What is Tedder’s 30-day risk free trial?

It is Tedder’s confidence that you will be 100% satisfied with your holster purchase.

In other words, you can wear the holster for 30 days from the date you received it and, if for any reason you want to return it, you will receive a refund with no questions asked.

What is covered in Tedder’s Lifetime Warranty?

If, for whatever reason. the holster fails you (excluding obvious neglect), you simply return it and Tedder will make it right. If they cannot fix it, they will replace it.

Can I wear the LightTuck in an outside-the-waistband [OWB] position?

So, the LightTuck is specifically designed to be worn inside-the-waistband [IWB], if worn outside-the-waistband [OWB], hypothetically, you could make some custom alterations to meet this objective. 

That said; however you must be aware that this is not the intended use of this holster, thus I do not recommend you go this route at all. 

If I order a LightTuck with the claw, can I remove it?

The claw is easily removed with a Phillips screwdriver.

All you need to do is simply unscrew the retention screw, remove the claw attachment, and add the retention screw back.

Is the claw attachment available for all gun models?

Answer is no, it is not.

The claw adjustment is designed to fit a majority of gun models but not all.

Unfortunately, some smaller pocket pistols and guns with attachments do not have a shape that is compatible with the claw.

What is the recommended ride height of a LightTuck?

Due to the high degree of adjustability found in the LightTuck, it is most useful in the highest ride height setting at no more than 15° degrees of cant.

This is, however, a general guideline as every gun model is unique in its own right and some may offer more compatibility than others in a wider or narrower range of adjustment. 

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