Best Gun Safes

As noted in the heading, today’s review is about quite an interesting product-line as are gun safes, albeit a complex line at that.

The complexity of trying to figure out the best gun safe can be overwhelming in terms of the vast number of variables nowadays being marketed.

Gun safes, in 2024, come in all sizes, shapes, protection levels, material construction, gun storage options, lock options, gun access, etc., to mention a few.

As always, the main purpose or objective of this review has to do with making life easier for those in the market for a gun safe.

Mind you, a much more difficult mission than first meets the eye.

At the outset, I must warn all interested in purchasing a gun safe that there is quite a lot to learn and/ or plenty of basic information that you need to become familiarized with to be able to make an intelligent decision on your gun safe purchase.

In line with this objective, I shall try my best in this review to try and narrow down the gun safe options to those that best suit your needs.

You must also know there is a limitless amount of relevant gun safe information to where it is a virtual impossibility for this review to be all-inclusive.

Given the intricacy of all pertinent and relevant gun safe data accessible today, I am compelled to suggest that, in addition to my review, you may want to gather any other additional material you can to help you make the best possible gun safe purchase decision.

All said, meantime, allow me in this review, to give you some basic introduction on what I deem to be some essential and/or critical data to make your purchasing of a gun safe a pleasurable and useful experience – one you will cherish in years to come.

Table Of Contents

What is a gun safe?

In the simplest, most straightforward way I can think of, gun safes are secure lockable vaults, specifically designed for storing firearms and/or ammunition.

Gun safes are primarily used to prevent access by unauthorized, unqualified, or undesirable persons for burglary prevention and, in more efficient safes, the protection of contents from damage by flood, fire, and other natural disasters.

To be sure, access-to-guns prevention is, by law, varying by states and required in many instances, necessitating a gun lock, a metal gun cabinet or a gun safe.

Gun safes, as such, have largely and swiftly replaced old gun cabinets used decades back made of fine stained woods with etched front glass used for display purposes.

Some gun safes today are made to resemble such traditional gun cabinets.

History of Gun Safes

Early Safes

To be sure, safes, in all forms, have been around since back in the BC days of Julius Cesar.

Centuries ago, there were many cultures that first used safes.

Egyptians and Greeks used vaults / safes to store a variety of valuables, back then made of bronze, followed by the Roman empire creating iron and wooden chests also to store valuables.

With time, safes became intrinsically complex, frequently burdensome, and difficult to operate.

The first safes with swinging doors were made in England in the 1700’s.

The First Gun Safes

Modern day gun safes, as we know them, had their roots in the designs of Silas Herring inventor of the Herring, Hall, and Marvin fireproof safe in the 1850’s.

Herring used thick outer steel, plaster, and thin inner steel to create his gun storage safe.

Incredibly, Herring’s primitive design is still used in fire safes today.

Some of the original materials and filler, however, have been improved to meet modern-day demands.

For fire protection, still, the best comes by way of a double walled steel filled with plaster or cement.

 1852 Silas Herring Safe

1852 Silas Herring Safe

Why You Should Own A Gun Safe

When we first consider purchasing a gun safe, many (myself included), often question the value-added advantages of owning a gun safe.

I should say, there are some particularly good reasons for owning one of these.

For those of us who take firearms seriously and responsibly, the issue of storing firearms should be a forefront consideration for many reasons.

Top Reasons to Own a Gun Safe

There is a consensus by all scholars that there are two primary threats to deal with for having firearms in the home, to wit, fire, and theft.

While I am in complete agreement with this premise, I would humbly add a third threat which I personally deem to be yet as critical, that being the danger posed by minors [children] accessing guns and/or the imperative need to protect children from accessing firearms in your home or dwelling.

For the most part, gun safe manufacturers and media outlets are inclined to promote fire threats over theft and over children’s reach.

The latter, on the other hand, is treated as a completely different issue altogether, under the Child Access Prevention Laws which I shall subsequently discuss more in detail.

The fact that fires are construed to be [the] primary threat for using a gun safe is amply justified as fires, overall, are a greater statistical danger than are thefts.

That said, however, I must note that statistics vary around the nation to where there are parts of the country where theft can surpass or supersede fires or vice-versa.

Ideally, you should shop for a gun safe to protect against all, fire, theft, and children's access to firearms.

As a compliment to this topic, below I have compiled a list of what I consider good reasons for purchasing a gun safe as follows:

  • Protects Your Firearms from Theft
  • Keep The Gun Out of Your Children’s Reach
  • Protection From Fire
  • Quick Access to Your Firearms
  • Protection of Valuable Items
  • For Protection of Firearm Ownership Rights
  • As a Requirement by Insurance Companies
  • Complying With Firearm Locking Device laws
  • For Additional Insurance Discounts
  • For Decorative Purposes
  • For Carrying in a Concealed Way

Child Access Prevention Law

As mentioned before, from my own personal perspective, I think minors' ['children’] access to firearms is and should be treated as a frontrunner when it comes to preventing such gain access.

To that end, there are child access prevention laws, abbreviated as CAP law, a//k/a safe storage law, which makes it illegal for an adult to keep a gun in a place and manner such that a child can easily access and fire it.

As of January 1, 2020, 29 states and the District of Columbia have CAP laws.

Eleven states require "intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly" storing firearms to be criteria for criminal liability, rather than negligent storage.

Four states [California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Maryland] have the most stringent CAP laws that impose criminal liability when a minor is merely likely to gain access to a gun that is negligently stored.

On the other end of the spectrum, some states, such as Utah, only impose criminal liability when a minor is directly provided a gun by an adult.

In Massachusetts, all firearms are required to be stored using a locking device and allowing a child unsupervised access to a handgun can result in a $5,000 fine and/or 2.5 years in jail.

Features to Look for when Purchasing a Gun Safe

As I will discuss later and as mentioned before, gun safes come in all kinds of distinctive styles, shapes, sizes, etc.

 Notwithstanding all such variables, there are some key criteria which should be given uppermost consideration.

In my list below, I am providing a list of forefront issues you should always give priority when purchasing a gun safe.

Admittedly this might not be all-inclusive, however, I think it will provide you with some crucial guidelines well-worthy of your considerations.

  • 10-gauge steel body and a thicker gauge door, preferably plate steel
  • Protects against both theft and fire
  • Maintains internal temperature below 350° F in a 1,300° fire for around 1 hour
  • Box assembled with continuous welds
  • Combination or electronic (keypad) lock
  • Easily concealable in your home
  • Attachable to the fabric of your home (i.e., floor or wall)
  • Holds an existing collection with room for more guns in the future
  • Interior lining to protect guns' finish
  • Dehumidifier and lights top aftermarket upgrades

All About The Steel

In the above-captioned list, you may or may not have noticed that I listed “steel’ as my top and foremost priority of criterions – and that is no coincidence.

As far as gun safe protection is concerned, it all boils down to cold, hard steel.

Conveniently for all gun safe buyers, steel is simple to evaluate as most all gun safes thicknesses are expressly defined in terms of gauges where smaller numbers equal thicker gauges and vice-versa.

Simply put, the thicker the steel the more protection – that simple.

I am frequently asked by many gun safes’ potential buyers what is the best gauge of steel to consider?

And I usually tell them that many in the industry recommend a set of 10-gauge which equals 0.1345 inches as [the] minimum thickness for the body of the safe.

Doors, on the other hand and for the most part are thicker than the body as they are the most vulnerable part of a safe.

Speaking of thicknesses, beware and do not be deceived by thicknesses measured with your naked eye.

In most instances, massive walls and doors in gun safes are relative to fire barriers that are inserted between them.

Unbelievably, many times, a thin door might offer better protection than units that appear very thick.

One last point I want to make is relative to construction properties and how the steel is fitted together to becoming a gun safe.

For the record, full continuous welding as opposed to bolts or spot welding makes for a sturdier case.

As a courtesy to my readers, below please find a table of steel gauges with the equivalent thicknesses in inches.

I hope you will find this table as useful and practical as I have when I purchased my first gun safe.

Steel Sheet Gauges

Gauge Number

Manufacturers' Standard Inches





























Lock Options

Modern gun safes use three main access methods as follows:

Like everything else, each of these locks have their own advantages and disadvantages, as per following detail:

Combination Locks

Well, we are all familiar with these simplistic locks, all having that spin dial that unlocks the doors of safes.

The potential drawback, ironically, deals with our short or faulty memories as many gun safe owners may inadvertently misplace and/or forget the lock combination.

In addition, there is the dexterity required by the process of rotating the spin wheel left and right several times, which can, at times, be arduous to remember and/or implement, thus unnecessarily delaying the access to your firearm[s].

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks, on the other hand, speed up the gun accessing process considerably by just punching in a code.

In addition, these locks offer several unique features that make gun safes extremely user-friendly while increasing their security.

Most electronic locks are programmable for multiple user combinations, and they do not require locksmiths to change codes.

In addition, electronic locks can be incorporated to home security systems and lockout on multiple entries of the wrong code.

The major drawback of electronic locks are power failures.

If you do not have electricity, you cannot access your firearms – that simple.

As most of these systems are battery-operated, this requires constant maintenance to make sure the batteries are fully charged as otherwise you will be prevented from opening your safe as needed.

Biometric Locks

Last are biometric locks – a slight variety of the electronic locks.

These locks scan an authorized safe user’s fingerprint giving instant access to the firearm[s].

In addition, these systems can store multiple users’ fingerprints.

The drawbacks of biometric locks mimic those of the electronic locks, but have yet another setback, that their technology is not foolproof.

For instance, dirty hands can obstruct the proper functioning of a biometric lock, thus making access to your safe impossible.

Gun Safe Placement

One yet extremely critical consideration when purchasing a gun safe is their placement.

The ideal place for gun safety is all relative to its size.

Nowadays, as we will see later in this review, gun safes come in all sizes, and they can be fitted in all kinds of places, including but not limited as part of other furniture, in vehicles, or otherwise wherever they can be inconspicuously and securely stored away.

For those of you thinking of purchasing big gun safes, you will need to consider structures that will support the weight of the safe without compromising or damaging your home.

My humble advice is to anchor your safe whenever possible, given the fact that thieves cannot just roll out the door with your safe at their leisure.

For the record, some high-end safes upwards of 1,000 pounds might require the expert placement advice of a skilled contractor.

I have heard of many new gun safe buyers making garages their preferred place to plant a gun safe, however, this can prove to be treacherous.

A couple of things to consider in this respect.

First, as a rule-of-thumb, garages are more readily accessible to thieves than are interiors or other parts of a house.

Second, garages lack heat and/or air-condition, thus you are exposing your safe and your firearms more to the elements, than you do inside your dwelling.

If you choose to place your safe inside a garage, better use a dehumidifier.

The last drawback I see with garage placement is the limitations in accessing your firearm[s] in case of an emergency.

All said and done, garages, in general, are not the most ideal area of a house for placing a gun safe.

Gun Size

How big of a gun safe should you purchase?

Again, it all depends on the size and the number of firearms you want to store.

My best recommendation in this respect is to always think ahead.

Buying a gun safe can be a sizable investment, thus calling for cautious planning in terms of future expansion of your gun collection.

You all have heard the expression “pay me now or pay me later” – ever so fittingly appropriate in your purchase of a gun safe.

Depending on your needs, you have three safe sizes to choose from, all relative to your firearm. Your choices are as follows:

  1. Handgun safe
  2. Long gun safe
  3. Multi-use gun safe

Gun Safe Accessories

One of [the] most indispensable accessories to consider when purchasing a gun safe, moreover if you happen to live in a damp climate, would be a gun safe dehumidifier.

Historically, gun safes absorb moisture quickly.

There are two primary types of dehumidifiers: 1) electric and 2) desiccant.

The electric variety is quite useful since they are non-toxic and spill free, their drawback is their relying on an electric supply of power.

Desiccants, on the other hand, do not rely on any power source, thus offering a more reliable alternative.

Types of Gun Safes

I must warn you, this is likely [the] most crucial and fundamental topic we will be discussing in this review today, bar none.

Ironically, not all gun safes are made the same and not all gun safes are safe.

No matter how you look at it, owning a firearm carries a big responsibility for the firearm owners.

Topping the list are the ways in which owners keep their guns safe from damage, theft, and unauthorized access.

There are countless types of gun safes available in the marketplace all based on various criteria as I will be discussing in the following paragraphs.

Gun Safes and Gun Lockers

As my starting point, there are two basic types of gun storage options: 1) actual gun safes and 2) gun lockers.

Regretfully, marketing tactics of gun safes sometimes tend not to draw the line between a safe and a locker, notwithstanding the fact that there is a major distinction between the two, namely, their fire protection capabilities, as gun safes have fire protection and lockers do not.

Smaller Collections

I have always contended that, at the end of the day, your type and size of firearm[s] as well as the number of firearms you own will eventually be [the] determinant factor as to which safe system is best suited for you.

For smaller collections, there is a wide-array of handguns safes, rapid-access safes, and hidden gun safes from which to choose.

These systems hold no more than a few guns, typically one, maybe a couple of handguns and, honestly, some of them do not offer true security or fire protection.

The only added value offered by all these smaller systems is in that they provide for fast access to your firearm, however offset by their limited security or fire protection.

There are, mind you, exceptions as nowadays there are several heavy-duty handgun and long gun safe manufacturers who make robust systems capable of withstanding a serious break-in attempt.

By the way, you can safely assume true security and protection never comes at a low price.

Gun Safes Classified by Features

As mentioned all throughout this review, gun safes come in a wide variety of storage solutions, such as gun safes, cabinets, vaults, boxes, all in varied sizes, locks, designs, etc.

All told, I personally tend to guide myself by certain key features as follows:

  • Based on Locks
  • Based on Protection
  • Based on Size
  • Based on Properties
  • Based on Installation and Placement

Specialty Gun Safes

While many of my colleagues tend to bundle-up gun safes, I personally find certain safes deserving of a “Specialty Gun Safe” category.

Among these, I place the good old-fashioned gun cabinets, which are not safes at all, but are meant to showcase elegant gun storage collections.

I also place in this category vehicle safes, under-the-bed systems, furniture safes, such as home wall and mirror safes, etc.

Mind you, all these safes vary relative to their ability to thwart crimes of opportunity – a subject matter for yet another review.

Safe Ratings

Note: Please be aware that safe ratings as such were not meant exclusively for any specific type of safe. 

Instead, ratings were designed to cover all safes.

Notwithstanding this caveat, all gun safe owners should be familiar with safe ratings as a guideline in the purchase of a gun safe.

UL Ratings

All gun safe ratings are based on testing done to ensure safes can withstand 1) common burglary attempts and 2) fire resistance protection.

All ratings are supervised by century-old Underwriters Laboratories [UL], in charge of certifying safes for their level of safety, security and reliability.

UL acts as a trusted third-party and their ratings are highly relied upon by all interested parties.

UL Burglar Protection Ratings

Class B

B-rated safes are primarily intended to store items with a value worth $10,000 or less.

They must have a minimum ½ - inch thick door and body walls that are at least ¼ thick.

Class C

Class C is a step-up of the Class B.

C-rated safes are intended for items valued at $30,000 dollars or less and have doors that are at least 1-inch thick and walls that are at least ½ -inch thick.

Residential Security Container Level 1

To qualify a safe under UL’s Residential Security Container [RSC] Level 1, a safe must withstand five minutes of vigorous break-in attempts by a single person.

These attempts come in a variety of different methods including prying, punching, drilling tampering, among others.

If a safe does not come with at least this rating, it is not worth buying it.

Residential Security Container Level 2

An RSC Level 2 rating means that a safe can withstand an attack by two people, using more tools for a period of 10 minutes.

RSC Level 3 refers to 3 people using more tools, so on and so forth.

TL-15 Safe Ratings

TL ratings are typically applied to commercial safes as opposed to residential security containers.

UL rating TL-15 indicates that a safe is constructed of a least 1” thick solid steel or equivalent and can withstand a full 15 minutes of break-in attempts.

To earn this rating, it requires designs that are made with concrete and/or composite-lined safes.

This means that the safe is made of steel on the outside with a thick layer of concrete or composite material to make it more secure.

As such, these safes are far more expensive than the RSC models; they also tend to weigh a lot more.

TL-30 [F] Safe Ratings

The only difference between the TL-30 and the TL-15 ratings is in the net working time.

TL-30’s are tested for a break-in resistance of 30 minutes instead of the 15 minutes required under the TL-15.

TL-30 x 6 [G & A] Safe Ratings

Last of the UL’s ratings is the TL-30 x 6.

This is the same as the TL-30 above, except for the fact that the TL-30 x 6 are tested on all sides.

In other words, break-in attempts are made on every surface, including the floor for 30 minutes.

In addition, these safes must resist attempts from additional break-in methods such as grinder and peeling attacks.

As such, they happen to be the most secure safes you can purchase other than a bank vault.

UL Fire Resistance Ratings

UL’s fire resistance ratings typically mean the duration for which a passive fire can withstand a fire resistance test.

Classifications may be attained when testing in accordance with UL 72 standards, which consist of the following three rating levels:

  1. UL 350
  2. UL 150
  3. UL 125

UL 350 Rating

The most widely recognized industry standard for commercial quality fire safes is the UL Class 350 1-hour fire rating.

This means that when the safe is exposed to external temperatures of over 1700° F, the internal temperature of the safe will not exceed 350° F for at least one hour.

UL 150 Rating

The UL 150 rating deals with paper test material and mechanisms must maintain integrity.

Explosion Test – Unit is heated to 2000°F for 20, 30, 45, or 50 minutes (1/2-hour, 1 hour, 2-hour, 3–4-hour rating).

Explosions must not occur when the unit is opened, and paper test material is placed inside.

UL 125 Rating

This rating is the requirement for protecting digital information on magnetic media such as DLT or LTO tapes as well as CD's, DVD’s, and optical disks.

Temperatures inside the protected data safe or media safe must be held below 125-degrees Fahrenheit (51.7-degrees Celsius) for the time specified, such as Class 125-2 Hour, with temperatures up to 2,000-degrees Fahrenheit (1,093.3-degrees Celsius) outside the vault.

Gun Safe Quick Reference Guide

So, before I go ahead and give you my top picks on the different gun safes which I consider the best viable options to consider, I think you will agree that gun safes are among some of [the] most demanding systems in the tactical gear universe.

As a matter of practical expediency, below please find a ”Gun Safe Quick Reference Guide” which I discovered in my due diligence and research for this review.

While the author or architect of this chart was undisclosed, still, I found it to be quite practical for all prospective gun safe buyers.





Security or Burglary Rating

Gun Safe
(Security Container)

Exceptional Gun Safe 
(Security Container)

True Safe

Type of Container



B Rate or better

Steel, Door Outer Sheet

7 gauge

1/4" plate

1/2" (0.5")
or thicker

Steel, Walls Thickest Sheet

10 gauge

7 gauge

¼” (0.25”)
or thicker

Body Welds

Continuous Full Penetration

Door Hinges


Lock Types

Dial or Electronic Keypad Combination

Lock Ratings, Mechanical Dial

UL 768 Group II

UL 768 Group I

Lock Rating Electronic Keypad

UL 768 Group I

Bolt Work

Sheet Metal

Bar or Plate Steel

Shear Pins or Clutch Mechanism



Fire Rating

(Have no
Recognized Rating)

UL 72
Class 350
30 minutes

UL 72
Class 350
1 hour

Fire Insulation Type

Gypsum Drywall

Ceramic Wool

Poured Concrete

Fire Insulation Thickness



1.5" or thicker

Steel Inner Fire Layer



Note: An unidentified author published this table. For more information, please visit the following website:

Best Gun Safes in 2024 – Our Top Picks

Before I give my top picks on gun safes, let me just say, the complexity of this line is such, I am departing from the more conventional classifications as noted earlier and as found in other similar websites.

For one, I considered the vastness of information of the many gun safe systems nowadays available confusing given all the different criteria and specifications as applied to the much-varied systems under consideration. In lieu of this intricacy, I have set five categories of systems which I try combining both by type of safe style together with price point categories, as follows:

Best Low Budget Handgun Safes for 2024 [Up to $200.00]

1. Liberty Safe HD-50 Key Vault Portable Safe Box

Liberty Safe HD-50 Key Vault Portable Safe

Liberty Safe HD-50 Key Vault Portable Safe


  • Exterior Dimensions: L 1.8” x W 6.5” x H 9.5”
  • Gun Capacity: 1
  • Color: Gray
  • Construction: 16-gauge steel = 0.0598”


This is probably [the] most affordable safe in the marketplace.

At a price point of approximately $35 dollars, the Liberty Safe HD-50 is a design for locking-up your defense handgun in a handy place inside your house.

This system boasts a tamper-resistant, TSA-compatible design.

Yes, this one is meant to provide you with quick and reliable key access.

My outlook on this system is, if you are looking to store just one handgun and you are on a budget, this could be the one for you.

2. RPNB Mounted Gun Safe

RPNB Mounted Gun Safe

RPNB Mounted Gun Safe


  • Exterior Dimensions: L 7.48” x W 3.15” x H 14.76”
  • Gun Capacity: 1
  • Color: Black
  • Construction: Alloy steel
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs.
  • Chamber: 11 inches.
  • California DOJ Certified.
  • Auto Open Lid.
  • Lock: Biometric Fingerprint Keypad.


Well, at a price point of approximately $100, you must check out the RPNB Mounted Gun Safe.

This system features a unique design to be hard mounted to a vertical or horizontal surface for easy access.

You could consider attaching this safe to your bed frame, your desk or even inside your vehicle.

It has steel construction and a tamper-resistant closure which makes this one a secure safe.

Inside portion of the safe has a layer of padding to protect your firearm and hold it in place.

The keypad has four buttons to program your fingerprints activation of the pop-out drawer.

My only observation is you will need to access the system’s battery quite often, so keep this in mind if you give this one consideration.

3. Vaultek LifePod

Vaultek LifePod

Vaultek LifePod


  • Exterior Dimensions: L 7.75” x W 6” x H 1.75”
  • Gun Capacity: 1
  • Color: Black
  • Construction: Non-metal polymer
  • Lock: Touch activated keypad
  • Built-in Lock System
  • Dual Side Compression Latches
  • Waterproof


At a price point of approximately $110, I am thrilled with what the Vaultek LifePod offers.

For the record, this safe comes with a lot of 5-star reviews.

Folks who own one of these like it a lot and that, to me, speaks volumes.

Got to warn you though, this safe is built more for compact and subcompact handguns and will not fit full size had guns.

That said, this is a portable, lightweight, and easy to program for a custom 4-to-8-digit code.

The integrated latches on both sides help keep the case closed and sealed.

4. GunVault SV500

GunVault SV500

GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Series


  • Exterior Dimensions: L 6.5” x W 3.5” x H 13”
  • Gun Capacity: 1
  • Color: Black
  • Lock: Digital Keypad
  • Mountable protective foam liner
  • Audio/LED for low battery warning
  • Interior courtesy light
  • Tamper indicator
  • California DOJ approved


At a price point of approximately $130 dollars, I just had to include the GunVault SV500.

Again, this safe, also comes with plenty of 5-star reviews.

If you happen to be looking for a safe that you can keep hidden yet have quick access, this could be a good option for you.

The GunVault SV500 can be mounted in every place you can think of, under your desk, in your nightstand next to your bed, wherever.

Suggest you consider this system.

5. BARSKA Biometric Safe

BARSKA Biometric Safe

BARSKA Biometric Safe


  • Exterior Dimensions: L 14.5” x W 16.5” x H 7.75”
  • Gun Capacity: 1
  • Color: Black
  • Construction: Solid Steel
  • Lock: Biometric Fingerprint Keypad


As my last choice in the budget friendly handgun safe category, at a price point of approximately $200, I have the BARSKA Biometric Safe, which overall has great reviews.

This system features its advanced BioSecure Technology – the compact and user-friendly Biometric Fingerprint Lock offers security that responds with just a touch.

This system allows the storage of protective firearms along with other valuables.

With a dependable 2.5-second scan, you can lock out young kids and unwanted users.

System requires 4 AA batteries.

For the price, I think you must check this one out.

Best Budget Friendly Handgun Safes [$200 - $700]

1. SentrySafe QAP2BLX Biometric

SentrySafe QAP2BLX Biometric

SentrySafe QAP2BLX Biometric


  • Exterior Dimensions: L 9.8” x W 16.4” x H 3.2”
  • Gun Capacity: 1
  • Color: Black
  • Construction: 12-gauge alloy steel = .1046”
  • Lock: Biometric Fingerprint Keypad.
  • Chamber: 2.2 Inches
  • Weight 16 lbs
  • Chamber: 14 inches


At a price point of approximately $245, the SentrySafe QAP2BLX is loaded with features and comes with a handful of great 5-star reviews.

The biometric scanners can be programmed with up to 10 fingerprints and gives you instant access in case of an emergency.

Entry to the safe can be done by either setting a code using its four-button keypad and/or you can also access it with a physical back-up key.

I strongly recommend you consider the SentrySafe QAP2BLX before making your final decision.

2. Hornady Rapid Safe Night Guard

Hornady Rapid Safe Night Guard

Hornady Rapid Safe Night Guard


  • Exterior Dimensions: L 3.0” x W 12.0” x H 10.5”
  • Gun Capacity: 1
  • Color: Black
  • Construction: Steel


The Hornady Rapid Safe Night Guard comes at a very affordable price range of approximately $270.

This safe also boasts great reviews from folks who own them.

It comes with the RAPID® Night Guard™ which is a system that offers maximum security and fast access to your handgun.

Hornady’s patented RFID technology unlocks their safes faster than keypads and biometrics.

Tempered glass front panel elegantly contains the RFID reader, clock display, and access code keypad.

Spring-assist drawer quietly slides open to reveal a padded interior.

Accommodates most full-sized handguns and/or valuables.

I like this one a lot – think you will too.

Check it out.

3. Fort Knox FTK-PB 1

Fort Knox FTK-PB 1

Fort Knox FTK-PB 1


  • Exterior Dimensions: L 10.5” x W 12.5” x H 5.25”
  • Gun Capacity: 1-2
  • Color: Textured Gray
  • Construction: Alloy Steel - 10-gauge steel = 0.1345”
  • Lock: Electronic
  • 3/16” tamper resistant wraparound door
  • Weight: 21.2 lbs


So, at a price point of approximately $350 dollars, the Fort Knox FTK-PB 1 shows why this is a pricier system.

I personally just like the Fort Knox FTK-PB 1 a lot. Love the texture finish.

As you know, these systems enjoy fantastic 5-star reviews as people who own this safe absolutely like them very much.

For the record, the Fort Knox folks just happen to make great products and this safe is no exception.

This safe is very sturdy with some of the best gauge steel for this size safe [small / medium pistols].

Must check out this safe as I am sure you will not regret it.

4. Verifi Smart Safe S5000

Verifi Smart Safe S5000

Verifi Smart Safe S5000


  • Exterior Dimensions: L 13.2” x W 13.8” x H 7.9”
  • Gun Capacity: 1
  • Color: Black
  • Construction: Alloy Steel
  • Lock: Biometric


So, at a price point of approximately $375 dollars, the Verifi Smart Safe S5000 comes with a large-area capacity and its TouchChip fingerprint sensor captures high-resolution fingerprint images for super quick access to firearms in an emergency.

This system offers quite a few features for its price range.

It can operate for years on a single set of batteries.

The LCD display on the front of the biometric safe shows battery percentage.

It also has audible low-battery alerts that can be snoozed, so they do not keep you up at night when using it as a bedside gun safe on your nightstand.

It enrolls 40 fingerprints.

A lot of good reviews.

5. Vaultex MXi

Vaultex MXi

Vaultex MXi


  • Exterior Dimensions: L 15” x W 11.5” x H 11.6”
  • Gun Capacity: 8
  • Color: Black
  • Construction: Carbon Steel, 12-gauge door = .1046”
  • Lock: Biometric and Keypad opening
  • Modular Interior
  • The Wi-Fi function sends tampering, temperature, and other alerts
  • Weight: 32 lbs


As noted in the specifications above, this system can hold up to 8 handguns, which is unique.

Safes designed for multiple handguns are rare, so at a price point of approximately $630 you are really paying for what you are getting.

The biometric and keypad give you quick access as it senses one of the 20 fingerprint codes in its memory on the scanner.

One of the things I like the most on this one is the safe is drilled and comes with mounting hardware allowing for secure placement in a bedroom, office, or closet.

The unique Wi-Fi capability lets you monitor tampering or disturbance wherever you are and gives you updates on temperature and humidity.

While pricier, again, you get your money’s worth on this buy.

Best Budget Friendly Rifle Cabinets for 2024 [$200 - $1,000]

1. Barska Biometric Rifle Safe

Barska Biometric Rifle Cabinet

Barska Biometric Rifle Cabinet


  • Exterior Dimensions: D 8.6” x W 9.8” x H 52.17”
  • Gun Capacity: 2 rifles – up to 4 Rifles Without Accessories
  • Color: Black
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Lock: Biometric
  • Chamber: 2.2 Inches
  • Weight 64 lbs


So, we are now entering into the bigger firearms, that includes rifles, shotguns, and the like.

Obviously, these firearms require much bigger space than the handguns that we have already covered above.

My first pick in this Budget Friendly Rifle Cabinets category is this Barska Model.

At a price range of approximately $ 370, you really cannot ask for more relative to what you are paying.

The Barska cabinet gun safe, is the ultimate in quick access security solutions with their Biometric scanners, which allows access to your safe in just 2.5 seconds.

This cabinet is built solidly with 100% steel walls and tamper-resistant inner edges and 3 built-in steel bolts.

This safe comes with pre-drilled holes and concrete mounting hardware, allowing the safe to be easily mounted in most any location in your home.

The Barska has great reviews and I highly recommend you check this one out.

2. SecureIt Agile™ Ultralight: Model 40

SecureIt Agile Ultralight: Model 40

SecureIt Agile Ultralight: Model 40


  • Exterior Dimensions: D 15.25” x W 20.25” x H 40”
  • Gun Capacity: 6 long guns shorter than 36.25”
  • Lock: Keypad
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Weight: 100 lbs


At a price range of approximately $540, the SecureIt Agile™ Ultralight: Model 40 was designed to be used as a stand-alone gun safe, specifically made for shorter firearms.

This safe is ultralight, heavy-duty, tough, and very flexible.

These safes feature the CradleGrid™ Technology which consists of a louvered grid panel, repositionable barrel cradles and corresponding stock bases allowing for straight-line fast access to each firearm- a key feature of this CradleGrid system is that it allows for storage of firearms with optics attached.

Suggest you check the SecureIt Agile™ Ultralight: Model 40, before you make your final decision.

3. Liberty Safe Centurion

Liberty Safe Centurion

Liberty Safe Centurion 12 Gun Safe


  • Exterior Dimensions: H 59.5” x L 16” [5.3 cubic ft.]
  • Gun Capacity: 12 Guns
  • Construction: Steel 14 Gauge = .0747”
  • Lock: Electronic


Got to tell you, at a price range of approximately $900, the Liberty Safe Centurion is packed with security features which is what you want from any safe.

With this safe you get, as I explained earlier, 30 minutes of fire protection.

It features 3 layers in the ceiling and door (including 1" composite fire door) and 1 layer in the walls.

The Palusol heat-expanding seal on the door expands up to 7 times its size in a fire at 212-degree Fahrenheit to protect against smoke and heat.

If your collection includes up to 12 large rifles or shotguns, I would certainly check this safe.

4. Pro Vault Gun Safe by Liberty

Pro Vault Gun Safe by Liberty

Pro Vault Gun Safe by Liberty


  • Exterior Dimensions: 20” x 24.25” x 59.5”
  • Gun Capacity: 18 Guns
  • Construction: Welded Steel 14 Gauge = .0747”
  • Lock: SecuRam top-lit UL-listed E-Lock
  • 30-minute fire rating
  • Military-style locking bars


At a price point of $970, like the safe above, the Pro Vault Gun Safe by Liberty has an 18-gun capacity and has a unique design that virtually eliminates prying of both sides and the top.

A single layer of hard-plate drill protection, 10 military-style locking bars and UL-listed E-Lock increase the safe's security.

The 1"-thick door features anti-pry gussets. Multiple fireboard layers result in a 30-minute fire rating.

The 18-Gun Safe uses tough external hinges which allow the door to open wider for easy access to firearms.

This safe is an ideal ambassador of my “Budget Friendly – Rifle Cabinets” category. Suggest you give it consideration.

5. Steelwater SW592818 20 Gun Safe

Steelwater SW592818

Steelwater SW592818 20 Gun Safe


  • Exterior Dimensions: D 18” W 28” H 59”
  • Interior Capacity: 10.02 Cubic Ft
  • Weight: 453 lbs
  • Maximum 20 (10/10) long gun capacity (Average Capacity:12-16 long guns)
  • 1 Hour of fire protection @ 1875˚F
  • Heavy Duty SW592818 W/1 Hour Fire Protection
  • Construction: 12 Gauge steel = .1046”


So, at a price point a tad over $1,000, the Steelwater SW592818 is one that meets most all demands you look for in a heavy-duty gun safe. First, it has 1-hour fire protection @1,875°.

These safes are made so that you can combine all types of firearms, both pistols and rifles as well.

It features many extras such as light strips, electric wired dehumidifier.

Has a door holster made for 12 pistols and clips and temporary desiccant packs.

Cannot say enough about this safe, which I find quite appealing at this price range relative to what it offers compared to others similar.

Best High-End Rifle Cabinets for 2024 [$2,000+]

1. E.M.P. Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty

E.M.P. Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty

E.M.P. Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty


  • Exterior Dimensions: D 24” x W 39” x H 59”
  • Gun Capacity: Maximum 39 (13/13/13) long gun capacity (Average Capacity: 24-30 long guns)
  • Construction: 12 Gauge steel =.1046”
  • Lock: Electronic, Key
  • Chamber Height: 59”
  • Chamber Width: 39”
  • 1 Hour of fire protection @ 1875°F


Yes, this E.M.P. Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty, is the real thing as far as safes are concerned.

We have now entered the high-end, state-of-the-art category at a price range of $2,000 and up.

This safe sales for approximately $2,300 or thereabouts.

It comes with 5-star reviews from most folks who own one. There are just too many features to list here.

You name it, this safe has it.

Among them, (2) layers of fire-board in the walls, ceiling, floor, and door jams; gear driven lock and bolt system for added strength against prying, punching, and drill attacks; heat activated expandable door seal that is designed to seal out smoke and water and expands up to 8 times its thickness in the event of a fire; (4) Pre-drilled ½” diameter anchor holes that have been reinforced with ¼” steel plate for more security when the safe is bolted down – on and on.

If you can afford this price category, you must check this one please.

2. Winchester Big Daddy XLT 56

Winchester Big Daddy XLT 56

Winchester Big Daddy XLT 56


  • Exterior Dimensions: D 27” x W 42” x H 72”
  • Gun Capacity: 56 guns
  • 75-minute fire protection rating
  • Volume: 47.2 cf
  • Weight: 1080 lbs
  • Palusol® heat expanding door seal to over 6x size


So, yes, the Winchester Big Daddy lives up to its name, as it is designed to hold up to 56 long guns.

No need to tell you, the name “Winchester” is, you may say, synonymous with quality firearms, and that holds true for their safes just as well.

At a price of $3,800, the Big Daddy XLT 56 boasts, as noted in the specs above, its Palusol® heat expanding door seal expands to over 6x its size when subjected to heat, creating a barrier against heat and smoke.

It also features a composite steel door with added layer of UL® rated fireboard protection behind the accessory door panel; thermal-protective lining in zippered door pockets provide additional protection for sensitive documents, and a lifetime free replacement guarantee in the event of a fire.

Not much to add here.

Pricey but you get what you pay for.

3. Rhino Ironworks AIW6033X 130

Rhino Ironworks AIW6033X 130

Rhino Ironworks AIW6033X 130


  • Exterior Dimensions: D 27” x W 33” x H 60”
  • Gun Capacity: 36 long guns and 6 handguns
  • Weight – 990 lbs
  • Construction: Formed steel – 10 gauge = .1345”
  • Lock: Sargent and Greenleaf EMP Resistant UL Listed Lock
  • Patented F-4 Locking system featuring an Internal Anti-Tamper clutch
  • Full coverage ¼” solid plate steel door front, with external reinforcement ring for pry-point protection


All I can say is that, as far as big gun safes are concerned, they do not come much better than this Rhino Ironworks AIW6033X 130.

Yes, the price tag is approximately $4,300 dollars, then again, this is a reflection of what you get for your dollar.

The Rhino Ironworks come with 130-minute fire protection and with a deluxe door organizer and UL listed lock.

For the record, this safe was designed to look like something out of the 1800’s, antiqued and distressed to accentuate the natural variations in the steel.

Enough said, I guess.

Again, if you can afford this price range, please give this safe your utmost consideration.

4. Cabela’s Magnum E-Lock 40-Gun Safe by Liberty

Cabela’s Magnum E-Lock 40-Gun Safe by Liberty

Cabela’s Magnum E-Lock 40-Gun Safe by Liberty


  • Exterior Dimensions: D 28.5” x W 36” x H 65.5”
  • Gun Capacity: Holds up to 33 long guns
  • SecuRam ProLogic lock with LCD monitor
  • Premium door panel provides handgun storage
  • Construction: 7-gauge steel body, .25" door plate
  • Heavy-duty .5" x 4" locking bars on all 4 sides
  • 16 layers of fireboard
  • Palusol heat-expanding door seal
  • 2.5-hrs. fire protection at 1,200°F
  • Weight 1,333 lbs


Well, when you talk about Cabela’s Magnum E-Lock 40-Gun Safe by Liberty you are really talking about one of the best safes there are – that simple.

I know that with a price tag of approximately $8,300 dollars, this safe is priced beyond the reach of many.

That said, however, I am compelled to list it here anyways as this is as good as it comes.

The features on this Cabela’s Magnum E-Lock 40-Gun Safe are far too many to even list here.

Holds up to 33 long guns.

The SecuRam® ProLogic electronic lock and a 5-point black chrome handle allow quick and easy access.

This safe is constructed with 16 layers of fireboard along with a Palusol® heat-expanding door seal to provide an amazing 2.5 hours of fire protection at 1,200°F.

Needles to say, this safe comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

5. Cabela’s Magnum E-Lock 50-Gun Safe by Liberty

Cabela’s Magnum E-Lock 50-Gun Safe by Liberty

Cabela’s Magnum E-Lock 50-Gun Safe by Liberty


  • Exterior Dimensions: D 32” x W 42” x H 72.5”
  • Gun Capacity: Holds up to 39 long guns
  • SecuRam ProLogic lock with LCD monitor
  • Construction: 7-gauge. steel body, ¼" door plate
  • .5" thick 4" locking bars
  • 2.5-hrs. fire protection at 1,200°F
  • Weight 1,585 lbs


As far as comments on the Cabela’s Magnum E-Lock 50, there is not much more than I can add to that already commented in my pick before of the Cabela’s Magnum E-Lock 40-Gun Safe by Liberty.

About the only difference between these two are: 1) the number of guns this one can hold, namely 39 or 6 more than its counterpart, and 2) this one is a little pricier at $8,500 dollars.

Other than that, this one too is state-of-the-art, while the specs speak for itself.

Again, if you can afford these pricey systems, check both my pick above and while you are at it, check out this one too.

Best Specialty, Tactical & Hidden Safes for 2024 [$300 - $800]

1. Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe

Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe

Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe


  • Exterior Dimensions: 12” x 6.4” x 2.2”
  • Gun Capacity: Fits many 4-inch barrel pistols and 2-inch revolvers
  • Keypad, Inflatable Mounting System
  • RFID activated by watchband, key fob or sticker that instantly opens spring-assist lid
  • Up to five RFID tags can be programmed
  • Users can program 4-to-6-digit security codes for secondary entry methods to use barrel keys
  • Construction: 14-gauge steel with internal hardened locking lugs


So, the Hornady RAPiD® Vehicle Safe has a patent-pending mounting system featuring an inflatable bladder that conforms to a vehicle’s interior’s shape, making any modifications to the vehicle unnecessary.

Power to the safe is supplied by an included car adapter of four batteries.

At a very affordable price-point of $320, the Hornady RAPiD® Vehicle Safe can be the ideal safe for your vehicle.

2. Hornady SnapSafe Under Bed

Hornady SnapSafe Under Bed

Hornady SnapSafe Under Bed


  • Exterior Dimensions: D 22” X H 6” x W 40”
  • Color: Black
  • Lock: Electronic
  • Construction: Heavy duty steel 14-gauge = .0747”
  • Weight: 105 lbs


The SnapSafe Under Bed is a drawer type model which can accommodate shoguns, rifles, and other firearms as well.

This one, yes, you can place under your bed, but it also works well as a trunk safe in your vehicle.

So, there you go, I do not have any regrets branding it in this “Special Editions” category.

At a price point of approximately $430 dollars, I think this one is worth looking into as it has a convenient size to store the bigger firearms and the lower price of the handgun safe.

Cannot go wrong, can you?

3. Tactical Walls 1450M Full Length Concealment Mirror

 Tactical Walls 1450M Full Length Concealment Mirror

Tactical Walls 1450M Full Length Concealment Mirror


  • Large insert dimensions 40 x 14 x 3.5 inches
  • Small insert dimensions 10 x 14 x 3.5 inches
  • Lockable to secure ammo, firearms
  • Solves a home defense issue by keeping a firearm nearby yet concealed
  • Mirror has shatter resistant coating, is backed with plywood, and has a full hardwood frame for added rigidity and security
  • Inserts made of ABS Plastic and lined with standard loop backing to hold pouches, holsters or other gear equipped with corresponding hook mounting
  • Customize hidden areas with shelves, lighting, magnets, hooks or other components
  • Baltic Birch and Poplar used in wooden sections


So, I guess the Tactical Walls 1450M is your quintessential “Specialty Safe”.

As you can tell from all the specs, this is a safe that is supposed to look like a mirror, or you could also say it is a mirror made to look as a safe – either way.

Whichever you choose, point is this is not your standard safe by any stretch of the imagination.

Considering this is a decorative piece just as it is a safe, you have several wood colors to choose from, like Raw, Cherry and Dutch Walnut, etc., not that traditional black found in other normal safes.

At a price point of approximately $500, might as well invite your home decorator to help you pick this one.

The Tactical Walls Concealment Full Length Wall Mirror contains a discreet lockable area with 2 compartments for firearms and ammunition for home defense.

I am particularly fond of this system, which to me, has the best of both worlds.

4. Tactical Walls Coffee Table

Tactical Walls Coffee Table

Tactical Walls Coffee Table


  • Exterior Table Dimensions: 49″L x 23 3/4″W x 19″H
  • Interior Compartment Dimensions: 37 1/2″L x 11 3/4″W x 2″H
  • (2) RFID Key Cards
  • (1) Programming Key Card
  • (1) CR123 Battery
  • (4) Maple Wood Legs
  • (2) Dampers
  • (1) ABS Plastic Tray, (1) 14” x 11 3/4” x 1 1/2”
  • Customizable Foam Pad, Assembly Hardware


This is yet another system by Tactical Walls, which, as you may have guessed by now, is their specialty.

Perfect defense solutions for your home.

Got to say, this is a clever standalone Concealment Coffee Table, which does not require wall installation.

It is hand-made out of U.S. sourced maple wood tabletop and legs.

It features a clean and elegant design that keeps your hardware hidden in plain sight.

Your table unlocks by swiping the RFID key in front of the table lock.

The false bottom drops and voilà the tray slides out with your hidden firearm collection.

At a price range of approximately $789 the Tactical Walls Coffee Table will fit right in with your furniture decor and will also offer that added security you look for in a safe.

Summary and Conclusion

If you have placed close attention to this review, as I know you have, the one thing we can agree on is that searching for the right safe can be an intimidatingly challenging task.

We, at Tactical Dept. pride ourselves in reviewing with you those options which we feel help you cut through all the red tape in the most straightforward, and uncomplicated way we can think of.

When it comes to safes, you will find there are all kinds of units out there ranging from worthless thin metal boxes to some heavy-duty systems such as those covered in our review and everything in between.

Once again, gun safes come in all sizes, shapes, material construction, and, yes, all kinds of price ranges as well.

Unless you have done your due diligence, trying to put it all together can overwhelm you to where you could easily make purchasing mistakes along the way.

All said I done, the way I would like to end this review today, is to give you a quick summary review, some last-minute pointers as to what you ought to look for when buying a gun safe.

ith that, I hope that I have lived to my end of the deal, to wit, giving you the basics on all which I deem to be essential in making your purchasing journey of a gun safe a memorable and useful experience – one you will relish in years to come.

  • Choose a gun safe size you will not regret
  • Plan how much you want to spend
  • Price points are not necessarily synonymous with quality
  • Plan where you want to place your safe
  • Check for ratings – theft and fire protection
  • Check for material construction – steel and gauge
  • Check for lock types and access to your firearms
  • Double check manufacturing specifications
  • Get as informed as you can

Well friends, that does it for me.

The only thing left for me to do now is to wish you good luck in your purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

As I have mentioned many times in the past, this FAQ Section can be a rich and informative segment of our review only because we can share important data on the subject-matter at hand, to wit, gun safes in this case.

Below listed are some of the most frequent questions I am often asked regarding gun safes.

What size safe should I buy?

This being one of [the] most popular asked questions by all gun safe buyers.

My short answer is always buy a safe that is bigger than what you think you need.

I know of a lot of remorseful gun safe buyers who did not buy a safe big enough for their needs, only to later regret their decision to buy a smaller version.

As far as dimensions are concerned, beware, measures are typically offered based on the exterior or interior exterior dimensions of the safe and sometimes by the ‘cubic feet’ area inside the safe.

Use whichever unit of measure you are comfortable with, however, do not trust your naked eye when purchasing any gun safe.

Where should I place my gun safe?

This is, first, a very personal decision yet one which you should not take lightly.

Following are some common-sense rules which you should consider when placing your safe.

There are two major considerations when choosing the placement of your safe:

1) Choose a place where you are most likely to use your safe and 2) Choose a place where you have plenty of lighting to illuminate your lock.

I would also recommend choosing a place that best protects your safe from both fire and burglary threats; and one that is not readily accessible to children.

Last, I would be extremely cautious as far as dampness and/or humidity as both can potentially damage your safe as well as your firearms.

How much do you want to store in your gun safe?

My recommendation is, first, make a list of all the guns you have, then add all the guns you would like to have or are planning to buy.

To that add all the mounting accessories of your collection, i.e., scopes, rings, fore-ends, etc, and that should, more or less, tell you the size of safe you need.

You might also want to add unmounted accessories, i.e., bipods, grips, spare magazines, and the like – all which you would put in your gun safe.

Last, you might also want to store other valuables inside your safe as well. The name of the game here is “planning ahead.”

What are some of the forefront considerations when purchasing a gun safe?

As well you can tell, this is a loaded question.

For good or bad, when it comes to gun safes, there are plenty of considerations, more so than needed in most other tactical gear products – the reason, it is all relative to a product or a system which you rely upon for security and protection purposes therefore never to be underestimated.

My short answer to this question is you should first consider the safe’s construction in terms of thickness, and other features such as lock mechanisms, followed by fire or burglary protection offered.

Whichever way you make your decision, do yourself a favor and stay away from thin metal cabinets.

Some of the cheap units out there are made of thin metals, from 14 to 16, and as low as 20-gauge steel.

These safes are easy to break-in and offer no protection whatsoever.

A quality gun safe should use a minimum of 11-gauge steel in the body of the safe and preferably 10-to-7-gauge steel.

Should I get insurance for my guns?

Whenever I am asked this question, I tend to always say this is a matter of personal preference.

That said, however, I would argue it is all about common sense, is it not?

I will put it to you this way, guns can be a precious and expensive commodity these days.

I personally would not hesitate in buying insurance for my gun collection.

Depending on where you reside, what state or what part of the country, there are all kinds of insurance coverages specifically designed for gun safes.

All with different standards that must be complied with relative to the insured value.

I am always for buying insurance protection – if nothing else as you are, in fact, buying peace-of-mind in many ways.

Should I anchor my safe?

So, again, anchoring your safe is a matter of personal preference.

Yes, anchoring is an effective way to secure your safe.

Statistically, one of the easiest ways for a burglar to break into a safe is by moving it to where they can access tools to get into it.

I personally recommend for you to anchor your safe whenever possible.

That said with the caveat that some safes are not made for anchoring.

Most safes, not all, have anchor holes and are simple to anchor into concrete structures.

Be mindful though, if you happen to have a wood subfloor, simply putting a wood anchor in your floor will not provide you with the needed protection.

Are there any limitations to your desired gun safe location?

Yes, there are.

It is all about how you are planning to use your gun safely.

There are, in all houses, common living areas that are located too far, or it takes too long to access your safe, which could be critical in cases where quick access is impending.

If you plan to use your gun safe for storing your daily concealed-carry or your home defense weapon, this will narrow down the options on which safe you can get.

There are all kinds of questions that you need to ask yourself to make the best possible decision of which safe is best for you.

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  1. I like gun safes with electronic locks which can have programmable user combinations where codes can be changed at any time. I think that is a great idea. We can be sure that our kids will not be able to access it if we do not share the code with them or change them every now and then.

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