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Outlaw Holsters is a holster manufacturer located in Orange Park, Florida – a small town suburb of Jacksonville, Florida.

While later in the review, I shall be providing you with a more detailed list of products made by Outlaw, for now let us just say that, as of the time of this review, Outlaw had some 306 products for sale for more than 250 different handguns.

Their product line includes Inside-the-Waistband concealed carry holsters (IWB) on-site using a combination of Kydex and leather for 130 plus different models of pistols. 

Outlaw’s Dual clip holster has a leather back for comfort and the Kydex front is form-fitted to the particular pistol.

The Outside-the- Waistband (OWB) holster is made of all Kydex and is form-fitted to the different pistols.

I should also point out that Outlaw is a/k/a Bullseye Holsters, which manufactures most of the Outlaw Holsters products as well as other tactical gear products, and operates out of the same location in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Currently, they are the leaders in the thermoforming holster manufacturing industry, quite a difficult position to achieve were it not for their incredible designs that have literally revolutionized the holster industry.

Why Outlaw Holsters?

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this outlaw holsters review, first let's talk about holsters in general.

As you can well imagine, there is, today, a plethora of holsters in the marketplace. 

Nowadays, the diversity of holsters is such that it can, sometimes, get overwhelming for anyone to make a practical decision as to which system is best for his or her particular needs.  

The variety of holsters by types and styles are literally unending. 

outlaw holsters iwb

From material construction to the preferred body carry options or method of wear, to the different functionalities offered, all of them, independently and combined, can become exponentially endless, to where, many, more especially the novices among you, the task of choosing the right holster can become hauntingly difficult.

One I dare say, where, even the more experienced amongst us can, at times, find ourselves overwhelmed with the never-ending alternatives available.

Narrowing The Options

Given the complexity of choices now available, our primary objective then is to narrow the options sufficiently so as to make your purchasing journey, if anything, somewhat simpler to navigate.  

While we will never make the ultimate decision on your behalf, we will, nevertheless, try to give you an insightful review of the different product[s] that we have selected for review so as to make your decision as meaningful and as practical as possible.  

For many in my loyal audience, as you well can tell by now, my choices of products to review will vary from say, one specific product or brand-name to as many as a complete line of products from one company or manufacturer – all depending on what I consider most practical relative to the tactical gear that we have chosen to review.   

In today’s review in particular, we will be reviewing the “Outlaw Holsters”, which include a diversified line of holsters from this one manufacturer. 

The added-value advantage provided to you by choosing a comprehensive line of holsters is the fact that there is more versatility in terms of covering several styles and/or types of holsters from which to choose from – a turnkey selection covering a varied number of styles all made by the same manufacturer.  

Material Construction

As mentioned before, Outlaw’s holsters have two principal material constructions: a) All Kydex and b) Hybrid

1. Kydex

To some of the novice among you, the question may be, what is Kydex®?  

Well, Kydex® is a thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride material manufactured by Kydex, LLC.

It has a wide variety of applications including firearm holsters and knife sheaths.

For holster applications Kydex®  has proven to be an excellent alternative to leather holsters.

Advantages include a low friction, waterproof, scratch resistant finish with a Rockwell “R” hardness of 90. Kydex® holds its shape better than nylon and leather and will not stretch or shrink under normal conditions.

2. Hybrid

A hybrid holster is a holster that uses a hard polymer shell on one side (typically Kydex ), and some sort of malleable material on the other side of the firearm.

Most companies like Outlaw Holsters use a slab of leather on the non-polymer side.

Outlaw Holsters  Product Lineup

As promised earlier, this review would not be complete without giving you some insight as to Outlaw Holsters extensive product line.

While it is not possible within the limited scope of this review to give you a full and comprehensive detail of such a diversified line, I have chosen, instead, to go by the old cliché which claims that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Never so true as applied in the context of this Outlaw Holster line, as per the following sketch.

outlaw holsters products

So, as we well all know, there are certain generic criteria, applicable to all holsters – features that we should all give our utmost consideration, i.e., concealment, comfort, retention, ease of draw, safety, craftsmanship, and, obviously, price point – just to mention a few. 

Notwithstanding all such criteria, however, whenever I am evaluating a particular product-line, I always try to find issues or characteristics which set a product or a product line apart from the rest. 

Vis-à-vis, I also try to look for potential downsides which may suggest staying away from a particular system.  

As far as the Outlaw Holster is concerned, I did find certain features which captivated my attention as follows: 

What to Look For

1. Trigger Guard

As far as I am concerned, what sets the Outlaw Holsters apart from most other similar holsters is a trigger guard that is completely covered on both sides.  

2. Retention

This holster also features a positive ‘click’ retention for a long-term solution as leather softens over time.

Important to mention that, currently, this is [the] only leather/Kydex holster on the market that I know of, that actually clicks into place.

3. Comfort and Functionality

All of Outlaws' holsters are extremely comfortable and functional.

4. Adjustibility

To adjust the Outlaw holster ride height and forward tilt, simply move the belt attachment up or down.

To increase or decrease retention strength, all you have to do is adjust the retention screw in front of the trigger guard.

5. Price

Like they say, I have saved the best for last.

First, let me say that other than some other lines such as accessories and Outlaw’s Mag holders, as mentioned earlier, Outlaw offers both IWB and OWB holsters, and the typical price for one will vary from $20 to $50 depending on the specific model you get, with $30 seeming to be the average price for most their holsters.  

I have to tell you friends, if there was an option out there to come up with a quality Kydex holster at that lower price range between $20 and $30 that is precisely the void filled by the Outlaw Holsters.

As you well can imagine, in my line of business, I have personally tested zillions of holsters, then again, few like Outlaw capable of offering a lot for very little.

Historically, I have always correlated life-expectancy of Kydex holsters to price, to wit, inexpensive Kydex holsters typically would not last that long and vice-versa.

That said, however, I think the Outlaw Holsters proved me wrong on this theory as I have found the Outlaw Holsters to be quite durable besides their rather competitive price. 

6. Warranty

 I dare say, to me, when it comes to trusting the purchase of any item, I am always looking at what the manufacturer has to offer in terms of warranties.

 Outlaw Holsters, as such, offers a one-year warranty, which, as far as I am concerned, tells me they stand behind their product, albeit which many in the industry classify as legendary quality and craftsmanship, not necessarily found in other low-priced holsters.

Product Diversity

I say, probably, the one notable difference between Outlaw Holsters and most other garden-variety holsters out there happens to be their unique wide variety of assorted styles, colors, and designs.  

Unlike most other holster manufacturers whose lines are limited to just two or three basic holster designs, Outlaw has virtually a design suitable for everyone.  

Suffice it to say, any time you buy a holster from Outlaw, you will have plenty of design choices at your disposal.

Outlaw Holsters  Reviews

As always, anytime that I am evaluating a product, whenever possible, other than my own personal opinion, I usually put a great deal of value on other people’s comments and reviews.  

To that end, I looked at what those that had purchased their Outlaw Holsters from Amazon had said about it.

From 128 verified reviews, the average rating came to 4.75 out of five-stars, which I thought was quite positive.  

Overall Rating: 
4.75/5 stars




Among some of the most positive reviews, users praised Outlaws’ concealment, being snug and easily adjustable.  

They also found retention to be quite good, sturdy, and not cheaply made.

Many lauded the holster’s fit, functionality, and the company’s fast shipping response.

Most reviewers also concurred that Outlaw Holsters offer great customer service as the company responsiveness to issues such as replacement of parts, etc., was unsurpassed. 

By far, [the] one most positive comment made by most all buyers was Outlaw’s price point.

Most buyers agreed that the Outlaw Holsters are the best for what money can buy, which I personally happen to agree with. 

Outlaw Holsters - Pros and Cons

Thus far, as you can tell, most all that I have had to say about the Outlaw Holster product line has all been positive.

That said, however, I believe, there is always a downside to all products regardless, only because there is no such thing as complete perfection.  

In my unending desire for objectivity, I have compiled a quick list of “Pros” and “Cons” which I hope will be helpful and assist you in your purchasing considerations of this holster line.


  • Great price-point
  • Good concealment and retention
  • Good fit and functionality
  • Great customer servicing response
  • Good warranty protection
  • Great craftsmanship and construction


  • Roughness at the edges
  • Possible low ride
  • Possible breakage with excess usage
  • Slight finishing imperfections due to hand-crafted issues

Summary and Conclusion

Based on all of the previously mentioned detail, one can readily conclude there are far more positives than negatives for this Outlaw Holster product line.

Historically, I have always contended that price-point for many of us is, by far, a forefront and/or a top-priority consideration.

For many of us, economics will ultimately be governing our final purchasing decision of any product we buy.  

For those of us who share a passion for tactical gear, there are just endless options as to how we spend our money on various products of our favorite pastime. 

Add to that, the fact that tactical gear could potentially save your life in certain extreme situations, makes it all that much more critical in what or what not to buy.  

When it comes to holsters, I have said it repeatedly, holsters, like their hand-in-hand partners, handguns, happen to be, for obvious reasons, one of [the] most critical pieces of gear we all have to deal with. 

Concurrently, the amount of money we allocate to such gear will be a critical determination on which or which not product we do end up buying. 

As I have said, repeatedly also, with certain gear you just cannot afford to cut corners as if you do, you could, under certain extreme circumstances, be exposing and jeopardizing, thus, a decision not to be taken lightly.

Point I am trying to make I guess is, conversely, anytime you find a product, in this case a holster, which righteously affords you a great price-point while maintaining a high-quality level of craftsmanship, then it is an easy decision to make. 

And that is precisely what I have concluded about this Outlaw Holster line.  

This is a product-line which, as they say, combines the best of both worlds, namely these are great very affordable holsters, which I have no problem whatsoever in highly recommending to you. 

In closing, as always, I sincerely hope that my review today will have served to meet our primary objective, namely that of making your purchasing decision somewhat easier, more practical, and insightful. 

All that is left is for me to wish you lots of success in the purchase of your holster, hoping we have made that purchasing journey a more pleasurable and practical experience.  Good luck!

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