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So, after some thoughtful considerations, you have now narrowed down your options in buying that new holster you have been thinking about based upon your collection of handguns. You may even be familiar with the name Tenicor Holsters.

You have decided it is time to get the best AIWB [Appendix Inside the Waistband] you can find. 

Problem is, you are completely overwhelmed with options and feel compelled to get some expert’s opinions to help you make that all-important decision.

Well, guess what? You, my friend, have definitely come to the right place.

We are here to help you.

Like they say, we have “been there and done that.”

Put it to you this way, nowadays, the purchase of any tactical gear can get incredibly challenging and frustrating, albeit the choices in all styles of holsters are endless. 

Mind you, a holster is a rather important asset for any handgun owner and the options available have become exponentially complex to where it requires some serious due diligence before making that final purchasing decision.

While, at the end of the day, it will be a matter of personal preference, there are, nevertheless, key features to look for whichever holster you are looking for, and that is where we come in.

Suffice it to say, the information we are about to share with you is not hearsay, instead, it is all based on my own use and/or familiarity with the particular model or system we are discussing in today’s review.

For the record, our suggestions and/or recommendations are made solely based on the value-added offered by products reviewed – all relying on our own personal valuations of these products.

About Tenicor

In today’s review, we will be dealing exclusively with the Tenicor VELO 4, which, as far as I can tell, happens to be one of the best, if not [the] best AIWB holster in the market today. 

That said, it would not be prudent on my part to enter into any discussions of this particular holster unless I give you a brief overview of the company that manufactures it, namely, Tenicor LLC.

By their own definition, Tenicor Holsters is an American design, development, manufacturing, and training company.

Established in 2008, Tenicor claims to have used their expertise in tactical training as their base for designing innovative equipment.

The company’s mission statement focuses on awareness and mental preparedness as the most important aspects to succeed in a violent confrontation.

Tenicor’s R&D also aims to design their products as tools for enhancing tactics and skills in the use of firearms.

According to Tenicor, tactical equipment should also give you confidence thereby improving your mindset, they claim.

Tenicor attributes their success to a philosophy which is a paradigm to the creation of products and designs commensurate with the advancement of tactics and skills.

The genesis of Tenicor’s designs comes as a byproduct of recognizing flaws or problems in existing equipment and coming-up with solutions that work in training and in real life events.

Again, firearms and combative training are, according to Tenicor, an integral part of what they do in terms of manufacturing holsters and other accessories.

Tenicor Holster Collections

Suffice it to say, Tenicor Holsters manufactures a whole host of different holsters, which they have classified by carry type as follows:

  • AIWB
  • IWB
  • OWB
  • Holsters for Glock
  • Holsters for Sig Sauer
  • Holsters for M & P
  • Holsters for 2011/1911
  • Holsters for Walther
  • No Light Holsters
  • Compact Light Holsters
  • Full Size Light Holsters
  • Zero Belt

Tenicor VELO Gen 3 & Gen 4

I will start by saying that the Tenicor VELO line primarily uses a utilitarian design.

The VELO line has two generations, Gen 3 and Gen 4, which followed.

The primary difference between the two generations is in the shaping of “The Wedge,” a/k/a “The Body Contour.”

Overall, the most basic differences setting these two generations apart as are as follows:

VELO – Gen 3 Wedge

The Gen 3 VELO wedge takes up a short distance to gain height.

A hump in the design for this generation makes up for a substantial pressure point when used for prolonged periods of time.

In essence, it triggers a hotspot by the apex of the wedge pressing into your body.

This hump can become particularly uncomfortable for many users after carrying in a continuous manner.

VELO – Gen 4 Wedge

Tenicor Holsters has named their Gen 4 VELO, the “Body Contour”, which upgraded Gen 4 by making the distance longer to gain a similar height in the previous generation.

The wider and longer contour uses nearly the entire length of the holster to help distribute pressure in a more evenly fashion.

The end-result of this upgrade, by removing the hotspots, there is virtually no discomfort even with continuous usage.

As far as I am concerned, Tenicor’s body contour may very well be [the] best wedge of any appendix holster in the market today.

Tenicor Holsters Review - VELO 4 

Tenicor VELO 4

Tenicor VELO 4

Notwithstanding Tenicor’s varied line of holsters, as I mentioned before, todays’ review will be exclusively on Tenicor’s Gen 4 AIWB VELO holster.

While I will discuss the individual outstanding features of this system in greater detail later on, for those not familiar with the VELO 4, this holster was specifically designed as an AIWB holster for appendix carry.

This particular system has a built-in wedge and offers multiple mounting options and, as Tenicor calls it, a “camming bar,” just outside the trigger guard to rotate the butt of the grip into the body.

In my opinion, what makes this holster ideal for appendix carry is its design.

Made out of Kydex, it has 2 mounting clips instead of one, which keeps it from rotating in the belt.

Underneath the clips it has a lip to keep the holster securely attached to your belt.

On the back, there is a wedge that permits you to cant the barrel of the gun or the muzzle away from the body and the grip of the gun in towards the body for a perfect draw.

Also providing for perfect concealment.

The plastic backing wedge is slanted to a perfect angle allowing the holster to sit flush against your body, which makes it amazingly comfortable as well.

The VELO 4 was designed to fit all gun sizes from a full size to a compact size.

For most people, the Tenicor VELO size is ideal. Typically, Snap-On holsters are preferred but the VELO 4 makes it easy to holster and re-holster and you always have complete control over your gun.

The wedges allow for great concealment.

The Tenicor design is fully functional in every way.

VELO 4 Key Features

As has been my tradition in all my reviews, below please find the principal yardsticks which I used as the basis for this Tenicor Holsters review.

They include a number of features, all of which I deem to be essential considerations for choosing the Tenicor’s VELO 4 as my favorite AIWB holster.

Mind you, this list does not follow any specific priorities as all the criteria considered are, in my estimation, equally important in their own right.

For your reference, for this particular review, I tested the VELO AIWB holster with two SIG SAUER pistols, namely, a SIG P320 X Compact and with a SIG P365.


I personally find retention to be one of the key features to look for in any holster.

The Tenicor Holsters VELO incorporates passive retention devices into the design, the mold, and the shape.

I found this system’s retention to be absolutely great while I thought it could be easily adjusted to my preferred usage by way of its dual tension screws.


Whatever your mission is, whenever you are dealing with appendix-style holsters, concealment should be a forefront consideration, whereby, hopefully, you will not have to make disrupting changes to your attire and/or to your lifestyle in order to accommodate your handgun.

Tenicor’s VELO 4, definitely has a marked advantage in this particular category, considering this holster, unlike most of its competitors, was specifically designed as an “Appendix Carry”, carried in front of your hip around the one o’clock position for right-handed shooters.

tenicor velo 4 camming bar
tenicor velo 4 body contour

There are two key features which make the VELO design disappear, to wit, the combination of the system’s “camming bar” and their body contour design which rotate the grip up and into your body for ultimate concealment.

Safety – Pistol Protection

One of the key features that I have always looked for in a holster is pistol protection.

The VELO 4 AIWB completely covers the trigger guard area when the pistol is holstered.

The precise fit of the VELO 4 eliminates all play between the handgun and the holster, so there is literally no chance of inadvertently pressing the trigger.

Again, from the outside, there is practically no way to access the trigger.

Matter of fact, the VELO 4 holster provides for excellent pistol protection while leaving the pistol grip uncovered to ensure a solid grip.


Another particularly important consideration when purchasing an AIWB holster is comfort.

As far as I am concerned, comfortable holsters should allow you to carry a gun all day – day in and day out.

I know that, for most folks, carrying discomfort will often lead you not to carry your handgun, which really is not in your best interest.

Tenicor’s VELO contour angles and curves were anatomically designed to eliminate hot spots and/or pressure points, which Tenicor accomplished by emptying the space between the holster and the body, resulting in a much more comfortable carry.

Invariably, I have always associated comfort with the holster design.

VELO 4 offers a slim design with no excesses thus reducing the gun’s profile for ultimate comfort.

I, personally, find the VELO 4 one of [the] most comfortable holsters I have ever used – and there have been quite a few, believe me.

Ease of Draw and Access

A good AIWB holster should, besides all else, provide you for ease-of-draw and access.

Tenicor’s VELO does just that.

With its carefully designed subtle and robust ride height, this system gives users the flexibility to select the most accessible and practical ride height.

As we all know, in terms of access, an AIWB holster should stay in place at all times.

The Tenicor VELO 4 is molded to a precise fit which provides for a uniquely consistent draw.


From the very first moment when you pick up the VELO 4, you can immediately tell the quality craftsmanship that went into this holster.

From my own perspective, this has to be one of [the] top quality holsters that I have ever used.

Simply put, the VELO 4 is made from thick and durable 0.093” thermoplastic, which means the material will just not give.

The all-steel hardware that is provided with the thread-locker will last a lifetime which makes it possible for Tenicor to offer a lifetime guarantee on all their holsters.


The Tenicor VELO AIWB holster offers three primary attachment options as follows:

  1. T1 Belt Clips by Discreet Carry Concepts

    These are strong and exceptionally durable clips meant to keep your holster in place. The holster itself was designed so that you can adjust vertically up to 0.45” inches, providing a delicate ride height adjustment. The two-clip design affords stability so that the holster is placed precisely where it should be while the staggered adjustment keeps the overall length trim. The clips are designed to accommodate 1.5” inch belts.
  2. Snap Loops

    Another option are the snap loops which allow the holster to be taken on and off without removing the belt. Their best fit will be with 1.25,” 1.5” and 1.75” belts.
  3. Closed Soft Loops

    These attachments are very secure and concealable as well, however, they are not quite as convenient as are the T1 clips or the Snap Loops. If you want your holster to stay in place in most extreme conditions, this is not the option for you. The soft loops work best with 1.25,” 1.5” and 1.75” belts.

I, personally, tried all three attachments and, for the most part, I found them all to work well in terms of security, durability, concealment, and comfort, while all were designed to allow users for great flexibility in the placement of the holster.

If I had to pick one over the rest, my personal preference are the T1 clips only because I find them to be strong, allowing me to keep the holster in place while not restricting my removing the holster without the belt.


So, as with most everything you buy, the old maxim ‘you get what you pay for’, is absolutely true and applicable to the Tenicor’s VELO 4 holster.

At a retail price of $95 plus shipping, to many this can be a pricey item considering all the cheap Kydex systems that are nowadays out there selling for $50 and less.

Then again, all the less-expensive alternatives lack all the countless added-value features offered by the VELO 4 system.

Whenever ordering the VELO 4 holster, you get to choose your mounting solution as the holster is set up to run with the directional snap loops, the hard-mounted loops, or the Discreet Carry Concept [DCC] metal clips.

With the DCC clips, there is a $10 upcharge to make it $105 plus shipping.

From my perspective, the pricing of these holsters is very much compatible with what you get in return – worth every penny of it.

VELO 4 Pros and Cons

I have always contended that, for the most part, there are Pros and Cons to all products, as, rarely, can we find perfection in anything.

As far as Tenicor's VELO 4, I must say, I found much more positives or Pros than I did flaws or Cons.

Below, I have put together a small chart of what I would consider to be the Pros and Cons of this system.


  • Excellent Design
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Great Concealment and Retention
  • Ease of Access
  • Durability and Reliability
  • Good Safety and Comfort
  • Great Attachments


  • High Cost
  • Ride height could be limited for some
  • Body contour may not be the best for some shooters

Summary and Conclusion

As well you can imagine, I have, throughout time, tried numerous holsters - virtually everything that is out there.

And, while I have occasionally found some that I liked, I have to be honest with you, when I first tried Tenicor’s AIWB VELO 4, it was love at first sight.

I immediately became a fan of these holsters. But it is only fair that I share with you today what really made me a devoted admirer of the VELO holsters.

A closer look behind-the-scenes in my search for Tenicor’s success has to be attributed to their incredible attention-to-detail, to where the VELO line of holsters shows unmistakable evidence that they have mastered their purpose-built products with high-performance and outstanding design and form.

Bottom line of this Tenicor Holsters review, there are not enough good things I can say about Tenicor’s VELO line of holsters, but more specifically of the VELO 4 AIWB holster, which happens to be my ‘go-to’ appendix holster.

Besides Tenicor’s excellent quality and craftsmanship, the fact that these holsters are manufactured right here in the good old USA and the fact that Tenicor stands behind their products with their lifetime guarantee, should be enough to make-up your mind as far as purchasing that AIWB you have been thinking about.

From our end, at Tactical Dept., we hope that our review has met its objective, to wit, helping and assisting you in making the right decision in your purchase.

We truly hope to have met that objective and look forward to assisting you in all your future tactical gear needs.

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