Urban Carry G2 Holster Review

As indicated by the title of this review, today, we will be reviewing a specific holster, namely the Urban Carry G2 holster.

Admittedly, holsters are a rather important asset for any gun owner.  Given the role played by holsters, namely, that of carrying your handguns and firearms, deservedly, we must allot them our utmost consideration.  

All said and told, a holster, believe it or not, may make the difference in a life-threatening situation, thus the need to give them serious attention in order to choose and decide which system better suits the tactical mission of your choice.

Urban Carry G2 Holster - Narrowing the Options

Needless to say, as we enter the universe of holsters, the choices are simply endless.

Talk about diverse product lines, each offering an unlimited number of styles, shapes, features, price points, you name it.  

By the time it is all said and done, whether you are novice, new in the business, or whether you are an experienced tactical gear advocate, either way, chances are you will be overwhelmed with alternatives to where, making that final purchasing decision of any given holster, can and will become intimidatingly difficult.  

As I said earlier, purchasing the best possible holster for your favorite handgun[s] should be a forefront priority for you.

By the same token, narrowing the options available to you, then also becomes a leading objective as well.  

I understand and am well aware how difficult it can be to choose among the exponential alternatives offered in today’s competitive marketplace. 

Our principal objective in today’s review of the Urban Carry G2 holster, is to provide with a comprehensive evaluation of this holster, hoping that our expertise on it, all acquired by means of intimate personal use of this system, will enable you and give you sufficient understanding of this holster so that, in turn, you will feel comfortable before making your final purchasing decision. 

That said, let us then dive right into today’s selection of the Urban Carry G2.

Urban Carry G2 Holsters - Overview

About the Urban Carry G2 Holster

Some call it Urban Carry G2, while others choose to call it G2 Urban Carry.

Either way, these holsters are uniquely designed to comfortably carry your concealed firearm, and they will virtually accommodate any and all outfits for different missions.  

The Urban Carry G2 is proudly made in the U.S.A., specifically in the state of Tennessee, and are all made out of 100% genuine saddle grade leather.

While I will be discussing some of its key features later in this review, suffice it to say at this time, the Urban Carry G2 holster is a uniquely designed rapid deploying holster without compromising comfort.  

Over the last decade Urban Carry Holsters have stormed the market catering to both law-enforcement personnel and civilians as well. 

Urban Carry's unique designs focus on deep concealment capabilities.

All of Urban Carry’s designs were tested by experts in the field with years of experience in real life situations.


So, I think it is only fair to say, that the name Urban Carry G2 is synonymous with concealment, thus a little of what that means. 

Strictly as a matter of record, concealed carry, and/or carrying a concealed weapon [CCW], is, by all accounts, the practice of carrying a weapon, either in proximity to or one’s person in a public place in such a manner so as to hide or conceal the weapon’s presence from surrounding observer. 

So, while different holster manufacturers may focus or center their designs on this, that, or the other feature, such as ease-of-draw, retention, safety, finish, etc., the Urban Carry folks, on the other hand, once again, uniquely designed their holsters to comfortably carry your concealed firearm.

As such, if what you are looking for is concealment of your firearm, Urban Carry is definitely a top option.

Key Features

While concealment may be Urban Carry’s signature feature, that does not mean they have plenty of other positive things to offer, which have earned the G2 a solid top place in the industry.

Some of the added value benefits you may look forward to when purchasing an Urban Carry G2 holster include: 

  • The G2 has an improved holster design which guides your firearm directly to your hand for a smooth draw, every time.
  • Pre-conditioned leather eliminates the long break-in period and allows your firearm to sit perfectly in your holster much sooner.
  • A powerful magnet at the base of the holster keeps your firearm secure and steady during a rapid draw.
  • A laser compatible option with a wider base and built-in ECR [Enhanced Combat Readiness] technology so your ECR enabled laser fits perfectly and automatically turns on when drawn and off when holstered.
  • With the firearm holstered below the waistline, there is no need to “dress around your gun”.  Wearing normal fitting pants, shorts, or slacks with your regular or even fitted shirts will not expose any part of the firearm.
  • A unique patented design keeps your firearm below your waistline.  This allows for the natural movement of the body throughout the day without the pain of a firearm digging into your stomach or leg.
  • A custom steel clip, tough enough to withstand the pull of any stressful situation, secures the holster with or without a belt.

Urban Carry G2 Holster – A Unique Design

As you well can imagine I have tested an unending number of holsters.

That said, I have to say, as far as design is concerned, notwithstanding the fact that this is a relatively new company as compared to some other manufacturers who have been at it for much longer, I have hand it to Urban Carry as their unique designs have a lot to offer relative to their price point which I will touch upon later in this review. 

urban carry g2 holster

Let us begin by saying that Urban Carry’s marketing momentum comes from making ultra-sturdy and ultra-comfortable holsters for both Inside-the Waistband [IWB], as well Outside-the-Waistband [OWB] carry. 

Question was, out of a handful of options from where to choose from, which Urban Carry holster did I pick as my preferred system? 

Well, after testing each of the Urban Carry holsters for nearly a week, I decided on the Urban Carry G2 as my top choice. 

What made the difference was, no more, no less, its design. As far as I am concerned, this holster is not really either for IWB or OWB carry, but rather for Below-the-Waistband, which, for me, was the ideal option. 

The [BWB], positions your firearm on the front of your thigh behind your pocket. Holstering is a breeze.  All you need to do is simply lift the magnetic catch, pull upward in a soft motion and most of the holster withdraws bringing along with it your handgun.

Urban Carry G2 Holster – What to Expect

Fitment and Sizes

While nowadays, most all holster manufacturers out there, make their product[s] to custom-fit any number of specific brand name handguns, Urban Carry, on the other hand, is not gun specific, but it is size specific, thus able to cover a wide range of approximately 1,000 different handguns. 

The Urban Carry G2 comes available in five sizes as follows:

  • Cadet
  • Trooper
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Colonel

As a point of reference, suffice it to say these five sizes alone were designed to fit firearms from the smallest pocket pistol all the way to the larger versions and everything in between.

Urban Carry G2 has a size for most all handguns in the marketplace.  

The Cadet is fit to work with most pocket pistols, the Trooper will be mostly for your small .380s, the Lieutenant was designed to fit must subcompacts, the Captain will cover most compacts, and the Colonel will work with most of the full-size handguns.

Ease of Draw

For the record, this patented holster’s design features a small pocket on the muzzle side, which prevents your firearm from trickling out of the leather as you draw.

Matter of fact, as you draw, the holster delivers your handgun directly into the palm of your hand, requiring no more effort than it would with any other IWB holster.

Even if you were wearing a shirt over your waistline, you can still grab on to both shirt and holster and lift in one continuous motion. 

urban carry g2 draw


To me, one remarkable feature of the Urban Carry G2 is the magnet they added to the bottom, or muzzle end of the holster. This magnet was designed to keep your firearm secure in the holster, keeping your handgun in the correct position when you draw.

In addition, the G2 holster offers an option that has a flared, rounded muzzle end, suitable to holster firearms with a trigger guard laser or rail lasers, meaning you can holster your pistol even with a laser sight still attached to the rail. 

Pros and Cons of The Urban Carry G2 Holster

As I have often asserted in my previous reviews, I personally do not think that there is such a thing as perfect and/or perfection, only because we are all inherently different, more so when it comes to perceptions.

What may be great for some, may not quite seem that good to others and so on. That said, I am always striving for objectivity in my reviews. 

While I can readily identify the positive features which may set a product apart from the rest, in the name of objectivity I am also always looking for potential drawbacks so as to provide you with fair and balanced viewpoints on which you can rely upon to make the best purchasing decision possible. 

 As far as this Urban Carry G2, following please find some of the Pros and Cons that I personally think are applicable to this holster.


  • Outstanding concealment
  • Comfortable carry
  • Ease of fitment
  • Great 100% genuine saddle-grade leather construction
  • Flexible carry position
  • Ultra-sturdy construction
  • Unique design for multiple handguns
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Retention cannot be adjusted which could be a problem for some users
  • Slow reholstering – takes practice to reholster correctly and efficiently
  • Slow draw at the beginning of use – can be improved with practice
  • Below-the-waist positioning could be uncomfortable for some
  • Requires a two-hand draw making carrying it in the small of the back impractical
  • Due to its carry position, it can cause printing if worn with tight clothing

Summary and Conclusion

So, let me preface my comments here by saying that I would not, under any circumstances whatsoever, recommend you a product which I myself would not use. To that end, I have been using the Urban Carry G2 for quite some time now as one of my top priorities for gun carrying objectives happens to be concealment.  

If you, like me, place concealment as a forefront priority, the Urban Carry G2, may be [the] best holster for you. 

The price point of the G2 hovers around $99 ±, which I find quite accessible relative to what this holster has to offer. 

Bottom line friends, yes, I would most definitely recommend this holster as it has many features that make it an ideal asset to own, both for the novices as well as for the seasoned shooters out there, and also indistinctly ideal for both men and women as well also.  

By way of summary, as always, I hope you have enjoyed this review as much as I hope it will have served you well in making your purchasing decision somewhat simpler if yet a practical one which will best suit your needs in all your present and future missions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the most frequently asked questions relating to the Urban Carry G2 Holster.

Does the G2 work for Revolvers?

Yes, G2 works great with revolvers. Very comfortably and plenty of grip when you draw.

Is the G2 Ambidextrous?

Yes, they work for left and right-handed people, and they will work on your left or right side as well.

Is this holster a one-size-fits-all?

No, it does not, but each size fits many different firearms. As mentioned earlier in this review five different sizes cover over 1000 guns.

Is the G2 a comfortable holster?

Yes, they are, especially when you are in a sitting position. With the correct size, the entire holster will rest on or below the bend-point of your body. As you sit, the holster moves parallel to our body and the firearm will rest on your leg just below the waist.

Can you draw from a sitting position?

Yes, you can. The guide in the G2 helps considerably to do this. Obviously, it will never be as smooth a draw as if you were standing, nevertheless it is still very doable.

How well will it fit for different body shapes?

Will work best if you are wearing the correct size pants. Vis-à-vis, it will not work as well when your pants are too tight.

How long does it take to break-in?

Must say, the G2 is broken like 95% right out of the box. That said, it will take you approximately 1 to 3 weeks for it to be fully broken.

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