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So, for today’s review, at the request of many of our loyal followers, we have the CrossBreed SuperTuck IWB Hybrid Tuckable Holster. 

CrossBreed SuperTuck – IWB

So, like I always say, first things first.

As noted in the description of today’s product, the CrossBreed SuperTuck is, first, an IWB holster or as we know it in the industry an “Inside-the-Waistband” holster

IWB holsters, as implied by their name, are holsters that are kept in place by spring metal clips, and work best over thick trouser belts.

There are several types of IWB holsters, the CrossBreed SuperTuck is referred to as a “tuckable” version, meaning, shirts can be inserted [tucked] over the top of the handgun grip and down into the waistband.

As noted in this product’s description, it is also defined as being a “hybrid.”

As used in this context, a hybrid holster is a holster that uses a hard polymer shell on one side [typically Kydex or Boltaron] together with some sort of malleable material on the other side of the firearm. 

Most manufacturers use either a slab of leather or neoprene as the non-polymer side.

Criteria – What to Look For

So, you have made up your mind that you want an IWB, tuckable, hybrid holster, however, once you have reached that decision what other typical criteria and/or features should you consider going forward?

Other than price, which I shall cover later on in this review, a quick glance at what is out there in the marketplace will tell you there are quite a few types of holsters that do fall under the above-named description.

Talk about varied materials, features, options, on and on.

These criteria can, at times, become overwhelming, so my job today is to define or narrow down your purchase options so as to enable you to make the decision which is ultimately the best for your particular needs and missions.

Some the forefront considerations to look for in all IWB holsters are as follows:

Disguise and Conceal

The lead advantage offered by IWB holsters, would be “Concealment” – IWB holsters are easy to conceal, to disguise.

The fact that they rest close to the body, inside your waistband, makes them less detectable, less likely to print and show.


Next in the order of priority advantages would be the safety feature.

The fact that your gun is tucked away inside of your waistband, simply put, spells security, defined as the fact that your gun is highly unlikely to fall out of the holster as well as making it exceedingly difficult for someone to take it from you.

Ease of Drawing

Admittedly, IWB holsters are slower to draw than the OWB [Outside Waistband] models, however, they are swifter and faster to handle than other concealable holsters, i.e., shoulder holsters, paddle holsters, belt holsters, ankle holsters, thigh holsters, belly-band holsters, and pocket holsters.


As you would imagine, material construction, quality and craftsmanship are leading criteria to look for in purchasing your holster.

The quality of materials used in your holsters will ultimately determine the lifespan that you can expect of your system.

It will also affect mechanical conditions that can influence overall performance relative to different critical functions such as body accommodation and others.


Next in my criteria list would be comfort. How comfortable is it for your system to wear?

I should say, comfort is an utmost priority to consider relative to the length of time that you would wear your holster, together with varying physical positions, i.e., walking, standing, sitting, bending, etc.

As far as comfort is concerned, your purchasing decision should always be based on anticipated lengthy times of usage.


As all of us in the tactical gear world know, retention, the ability to retain a handgun securely in place is a rather important consideration, more so when dealing with IWB carry

Handguns should fit snugly into your holster while offering consistent ease-of-draw, while reducing resistance.

Holsters designed with solid retention will help prevent unwanted gun removal.

crossbreed holsters logo

CrossBreed Holsters – Overview

History of Crossbreed Holsters

CrossBreed Holsters was born in 2005 under the leadership of Mark Craighead. 

As the story goes, Mark was an avid shooter who grew his knowledge of firearms becoming intimately familiar with holsters, learning what worked and what did not.

Mark decided to create a holster design of his own – one intended to incorporate the best features of what other holsters had to offer, discarding the non-functional elements.

mark craighead

Within a brief period of time Mark’s hybrid IWB tuckable design achieved such popularity that his company gained national recognition as a leading manufacturer of some of the best and most functional concealment holsters available nowadays in the market.

CrossBreed SuperTuck IWB Hybrid Tuckable Holster -
Our Evaluation

CrossBreed SuperTuck

CrossBreed SuperTuck


Got to say, the CrossBreed SuperTuck has to be one of the most comfortable IWB holsters I have ever worn. 

The SuperTuck offers great versatility in carry options.

It can be worn comfortably with or without your shirt tucked in – based on your personal preference.

I have worn this holster for prolonged periods of time and, must say, I almost did not know I had it on.

It was quite comfortable and cool.

The combat-cut design at the top, beside the gun’s grip, was quite helpful with the ease of draw.

Material Construction

This flagship model is hand-molded to fit each specific firearm listed for its use.

The CrossBreed SuperTuck is a classic hybrid, featuring a premium leather backing with a molded and mounted Kydex pocket. Cannot ask for a better construction.

The hardware and steel clips are made well and are corrosion protected.

Ease of Draw and Access

The SuperTuck custom fitted my Glock 19 and my Sig P365 like a glove very well and concealed it nicely.

The fit was snug but accessible at the same time.

The SuperTuck was designed to be carried towards the rear of your draw side.

The SnapLok powder coated steel belt clips are modular, which enable you to adjust the cant and ride height with ease.


As far as safety is concerned, I think the CrossBreed SuperTuck IWB Holster is well designed to cover the gun’s trigger and I do not have any problems whatsoever in drawing and removing the gun in and out of the holster as needed.

Again, the combat-cut enhanced a safe grip of the gun when drawing it. Overall, this is a very safe holster designed to prevent negligent discharges.


So, I have used the SuperTuck with several of my handguns and the retention was simply great.

I put it up to the test while moving quickly and running and, I did not lose my gun as it stayed put inside the holster with no issues whatsoever.

Bottom line, great retention as well.


Well, we all know that old cliché which says, “you get what you pay for” – ever so true with the CrossBreed SuperTuck.

At a price point of approximately $70.00 ±, no doubt, this price point may be somewhat higher than what you would usually spend for an IWB holster.

Then again, you must consider the added-value features offered as compared to most other systems out there that sell at the lower price points.

I personally find the CrossBreed SuperTuck to be fairly priced relative to what it offers.


Another good reason to purchase the CrossBreed SuperTuck is the company’s warranty.

The manufacturer CrossBreed stands behind the quality of each and every SuperTuck holster with their legendary lifetime warranty and try it free, two-week guarantee – quite an important feature for prospective buyers.

Pros and Cons

I do not know about you, but every time I set out to buy a new product, whenever possible, I look for other people’s reviews, as invariably these give me a good sense of what to or what not to expect from the product I intend to purchase.

As I always try to pray about what I preach, I did a little research to find what others had to say about the CrossBreed SuperTuck IWB Holster, and I found that most users had given this product 4 and 5 stars out of a possible total of 5.

In addition, here are some of the most common “Pros” and “Cons” that others offer.


  • Great conceal 
  • Extremely Comfortable. 
  • Perfect Retention
  • Easy grip adjustment
  • Snug fit
  • Minimal Printing
  • Great Craftsmanship


  • Pricey 
  • Draw could be challenging
  • Stiff leather may take time forming to body
  • Some would prefer them to be smaller

Summary and Conclusion

As you can tell, admittedly I am a loyal fan of the CrossBreed SuperTuck IWB Hybrid Tuckable holsters. 

Having been around these holsters now for quite some time, I have nothing but good things to say about them.

While in my line of business, I am required to try many holsters in order to give you as good a review as I possibly can.

I have to say, when it comes to IWB holsters, the CrossBreed SuperTuck ranks amongst my top-of-the-line choices without a doubt.

Inasmuch as why I came to that conclusion, well, I have to agree with what others commented in their reviews.

Item by item, I concur with the majority opinion as to those features that make this an absolute favorite of mine.

I would also concur that just about the only drawback that these holsters may pose to some would be the price-point.

That said, however, I personally did not find the price point to be an issue which would deter me from buying the CrossBreed SuperTuck, given the fact that the added value features it offers.

As far as I am concerned, these features greatly offset the higher price point.

As mentioned at the opening, the objective of this review was to give you, our esteemed audience an insightful analysis of the selected product, namely the CrossBreed SuperTuck, as a means of making the purchase of your holster a meaningful and a more efficient experience – one which we hope to have made possible by means of this review.

Based on this review, I can genuinely recommend for you to give the CrossBreed SuperTuck your utmost consideration before making your final purchasing decision.

In addition to all the added-value features as I have discussed, I would also add the fact that the manufacturer CrossBreed, has, in my humble opinion, raised the standard of customer trust through their two-week, try-it-free guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

Those standards continue today with every CrossBreed holster that is manufactured and sold.

CrossBreed Holsters ensures that every customer is a customer for life.

In closing, I would like to, once again, thank you for visiting with us today.

We, at Tactical Dept. hope to have been helpful in making your purchase one which will prove to be in your best interest for years to come.

Meantime, we wish you the best of luck in this purchase and urge to continue looking into our future reviews of more tactical gear products.

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